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If you have an important event coming up like a wedding, you are probably starting to think about your potential photography services! Photography at important events is a great way to make the moment last a lifetime. At Zarate Photo and Video Solutions, we provide people with high-quality photography and videography services in Sacramento, California! One important thing to consider when planning your photography services is the benefit of converting photos to digital pictures. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and contact us today to book your future session!

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Photography services are an important part of any memorable event like a wedding, engagement, or anything else sentimental that you want to remember forever! Not only are they an important part of events but it is just as important to find a photographer who is capable of capturing all of the important moments and details! At Zarate Photo and Video Solutions in Sacramento, California, our team of professionals can capture your event to ensure that it lasts a lifetime! Keep reading to learn about what to look for in a photographer and contact us today to schedule our professional photography and videography services.

VHS tapes, DVDs, and vinyl records

There's no question that video is one of the most powerful forms of communication, memories, and storytelling around. However, until recently, converting analog video formats into digital ones was a cumbersome and expensive process. But with the advent of new technology, that's all changed! In this blog post from Zarate Photo & Video Solutions, we'll discuss four things you need to know about video digital conversions.


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